Article enclosed Discussing Eight Ways Technology is Improving Your Health

Numerous benefits of our current Technologies have been outlined especially as they relate to Ecommerce. However, there is another side to tech that is only beginning to be addressed and that is from the human health side. Psychologists are beginning to look at both the positive and negative benefits that are arising.

Early work was Focused on Tech and Business

There is probably more understood from the business implications of the introduction of tech as it was, to a large degree, a fundamental driver of the delivery of solutions.

However, as with many things, other applications were quickly found for the uses of certain tech more from the social impacts side. Questions are beginning to be developed to attempt understand both the negative and positive consequences of these systems.

Article Outlining the Positive Medical Benefits of Technology

I was presented with the following article on the benefits of our new systems from a medical standpoint that is fascinating and well researched. Titled “8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health” it elucidates on eight areas in which Technology is having tremendous health benefits.

More research in the area will follow. However, this article highlights the positives of the technology rather than the concerns that are beginning to be raised.

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