Still a place for the iPod Touch

Although everyone raves about the iPhone, there are some obvious reasons why it’s not necessary but an iPod touch could more than fill the bill. As an example, as a dedicated music player it is wonderful. It is slight, small in weight but large in design. Instead of buying a device with huge amounts of memory, you buy a device which you more or less feel is sufficient for the task a hand. The beauty of this approach is that you carry the music that you really want to listen to putting to the side gobs of songs you’re probably not going to get to.

The iPod Touch is an iPhone without the Phone

I’ve had people express to me that they would like their young teenager to have something like an iPhone, just not a phone, so that they are like the other kids at school. There probably is a reason to keep the very young away from these devices else they could potentially get themselves into trouble they weren’t anticipating and current research is viewing the affect of all these devices as having affects on the wiring of the brain (addiction) and an incapability to socialize. Neither of aforementioned applies to young people specifically but the smartphones produce more of a checking style behaviour relative to the iPod.

Looking at it from the positive, the iPod allows you to access all the information as long as you have an app and a wifi connection. So it is a very cost effective method of learning, staying in touch, listening to high quality music on fast device. As long as you have Google, you are able to search the web for a piece what will be relevant information usable in all kinds of experiences.

The iPod has Many Unique Reasons to Exist

There are a many reasons for the iPod to exist and one includes it is a very cost effective system simply to listen to music or use apps that don’t need to be 100% mobile. With an iPod you only lack mobility if there is no WIFI in the area but WIFI simply continues to grow in number. In fact, the Smartphone user quickly switches to WIFI as mobile data is very expensive.

You can basically use any app available to the iPhone. However, your platform is massively less money that the iPhone. The iPods’s physical dimensions make it easy to take anywhere. All in all, it is a pretty exceptional device. And if you like some Android as a Smartphone but have built your world around Apple, just get an iPod touch to fill that gap if it ever needs filling. You might think you’ve defeated the purpose of the all-in-one device but because the iPod Touch is so small you don’t even notice a difference in your pants pockets.

If you are a person that just seriously likes listening to music, it’s not that music sounds better on the iPod but it is designed with that purpose. A Smartphone often tends to have a tremendous amount of memory. If you were take a large music library with you and decide to choose your music, it could be a while before you find what you want and then way you go.

The iPod lends itself well to just putting subsets of music on your device then listening. You might change your subset of music around occasionally or frequently but this will allow you to enjoy your music. If have a device with thousands of songs on it, it could be quite an annoyance finding what you enjoy listening to. The iPod tends to simplify this as you’re not as inclined to flood the device with music. You can just choose or shuffle play through a few select songs.

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