AppleTV made for a Good Apple by CNET at this years Apple Special Event. September 9, 2015

Year after year I have been a strong advocate of Apple really taking AppleTV and pushing the limit. The limit is only today’s limit yet that will keep evolving with time. I’ve had the AppleTV since it’s first iteration and have always seen the potential. I’ve always felt so much could be done with the product and now Apple has finally started putting muscle behind AppleTV leveraging this wonderful device.

I can honestly say, they are doing this and it will benefit the many. One of their stumbling blocks was to deliver true 4k content and they’ve done that today’s prices.

Fits the sign of the times

This is almost a cliche and it isn’t. Watching TV, a time consuming activity an activity, leading to outcome (both watching and enjoying) has been pressing boundaries for a long time. For a child, they still have a fair bit of time to watch TV without being overwhelmed.

Not so with TV generally. Many thing about TV viewing has changed and is having to change to accommodate the requirements of work. You can increase productivity at work freeing up time in the evening to watch TV. However, there are currently limits.

Change the way You Watch TV

People still watch TV for shows they enjoy, educational shows such as documentaries and further just a very broad variety of content. One method of significantly broadening the access to content and fitting to the new time parameters is content on demand. Watching stuff that fits the current programming schedule is difficult. To deal with this, we’ve introduced content on demand. We can now watch what we want to watch, when we want to watch it. It works and reduces stress by allowing us to follow our program without being time stressed.

Content is Richer than Ever

The new AppleTV will be 4k instead of HDR and be delivered at exactly the same price. It is a method, in constricted time, of almost going to the movies. Further, it is opportunity to reconnect with people, the most important function for the human race. Without human interaction that feels significant, we become depressed. Technology employed properly bring back human values. I feel the AppleTV can be a major contributor to this process due to it’s advanced function.

AppleTV a Winner Finally Recognized

The AppleTV for Apple is no longer a hobby. With the fifth generation device and 4k content coming into play, Apple has finally recognized that they are tapping into a favourite area with long term potential growth.

By and large, this is probably my favourite show for announcements in a long time. Apple is doing well, there is no question but they have been sitting on their laurels till now. I suspect this is the dawn of yet a new, vibrant Apple that has gone through this before.

The idea that Apple will have troubles ahead will likely blend into the past. This is something I have longed for since Steve Jobs best. The iPhone X may portend something more significant in the doing of this birthday party than we’ve ever seen.

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