Most effective method to choose a SEO Agency

When trying to find a SEO agency it tends to be very difficult to establish a rundown of criteria especially when you do not understand the SEO process. Pretty much every SEO consumer would expect a decent SEO agency to appear in the head of the significant search engines for all their relevant key phrases. Although this concept seems very intelligent it does not necessarily reflect upon the other agencies which are not. There are literally thousands of SEO companies out there and with a relatively modest number of positions on the main page, it is impossible for all the agencies to prove their value by being on the principal page. It is just when you begin to break down the current high performing SEO agencies that you begin to develop a better understanding with respect to why they are there and most importantly why you should not use them. There are endless checks you can do on a SEO company but I would firmly urge anyone to complete the ones listed below followed by any further checks you believe to be suitable and visit


Search their company name

Searching their company name will inevitably bring up their directory listings, article submissions and person to person communication pages but in the event that the company is relatively large, there will be some feedback somewhere. It is almost certain on the off chance that someone has had a fortunate or unfortunate experience with a SEO company; they would have mentioned it on a webmaster forum or a blog. It is very important not to take these reviews at face value because some unethical SEO agencies promote their services along these lines, if it is a forum take a gander at their post count, join date and response from other forum users.

Take a gander at their portfolio

On the off chance that a seo agency hong kong is acceptable at what they do there will be an endless supply of testimonials; do not be hesitant to approach the agency for previous examples of their work. In the event that a SEO company advertises a large amount of clients but yet just shows a set few of testimonials, ask them for what good reason or even better solicit the owners from these websites. Webmasters are more inclined to tell you what is not working or has not worked as opposed to what exactly working well.

Check their back links

A large proportion of online marketing is back linking and there are endless amounts of free tools to check the back links of a particular website. The quality of the websites linking to this SEO Company will reflect upon the ethical standard of their work. On the off chance that you find an agency to have a huge amount of back links from websites you would consider as being spam it is almost certain this is the approach they will take to marketing your website which is against all significant search engine guidelines.