Professional yoga course at Viniyoga


Yoga is a science and phenomenabecause it entails studying the body and the functioning of the different systems and the life processes like breathing, which provide energy to the world and allow it to continue to exist.Aside from the physical benefits and advantages of Yoga, it is also an art form. It is the art of understanding one’s body type with its strengths and weaknesses and its flexibility, and the art of creating an environment in which the body can remain healthy while maintaining a solid connection with the Supreme. The yoga teacher course singapore will help in becoming a certified yoga instructor.

Learn yoga and become a certified instructor

Is it anything you’ve thought about becoming a certified yoga instructor? A unique chance to further your studies in the entire Viniyoga tradition is provided by the comprehensive Viniyoga Teacher Training Program India, which lasts 500 hours. This training programme will primarily appeal to individuals who want to learn as Yoga instructors and to teach group courses and private lessons to meet the interests and objectives of students who are interested in general health and well-being. In addition, this training programme will prepare graduates to teach Yoga in a non-therapeutic environment.

yoga teacher course singapore

With instruction through methods, styles, and theories, Yoga demonstrates the most significant level of professionalism in yoga education while maintaining the highest level of integrity. This allows you to practise safely and confidently while teaching. Moreover, they provide the kind of yoga teacher training course that will result in certified yoga instructors who will instruct students successfully.


The yoga teacher training we provide enables course participants to learn about and practise Yoga in a safe environment. Being in the appropriate setting will allow them to have a more personal learning experience and a learning environment that is favourable to their development.