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Nowadays many people have the problem of wisdom tooth and it is associated with problems such as discomfort and pain as well as food lodgment as it arises in a wrong manner from the original

 Usually it is advised to extract the wisdom tooth as it is of no use in case of chewing and at the same time many people and many dentists advice to get it extracted

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 After the extraction you should follow a lot of precautions such as taking normal foods rather than taking too hot or too cold foods as it causes more bleeding and at the same time even the clot get disturbed

 So it is usually advised to take normal cold food such as ice cream or juice after having tooth extraction because it induces blood clotting and also there will be slight swelling at the sight of extraction, but don’t worry it will subside on its own when you use the medication properly

If you still have trouble you can use ice pack for at least half an hour by using alternative heat and cold procedure rather than continuously keeping for half an hour together if you do this on daily basis your swelling get reduced within no time