What is cold-pressed juice in the first place?

Cold-pressed juices are recommended for beauty and health as cold-pressed juice is a juice made by squeezing vegetables and fruits by a method called the low-temperature low-pressure compression method. Using a slow juicer with a slow rotation, it is pressed and squeezed slowly and gently without adding heat to the ingredients. So that important nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins can be taken as it is without being lost.

Benefits of cold press juice

What are the benefits of makingĀ lactation cold pressed juice from vegetables and fruits? Actually, there are many advantages over making it into a salad and eating it as it is. From now on, we will summarize the merits of making it into cold press juice.

  1. Nutrient breakdown can be minimized

Cold-pressed juice that does not destroy nutrients until now, juicers have been mainly those with high-speed rotation, but with this method, the blade rotates at high speed and heat is added when chopping up ingredients, and nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes that have been abundant in ingredients are destroyed.

  1. Nutrient absorption rate up

Cold-pressed juice also increases the absorption rate of nutrients. If you eat the fruit as it is, it takes 3 to 5 hours to digest, and the absorption rate is not so high.

However, the low-temperature low-pressure compression method adopted in cold-pressed juice produces less heat because it squeezes slowly at 75 to 160 revolutions per minute, and it is possible to make juice by making the most of nutrients.