About the Nimble company

Fujitsu high-speed scanners, one of her major products, are distributed by Nikoyo to China market over decades and taking over 1/2 the market share.

In 1994, Nikoyo and Fujitsu as investors from overseas joined to determine the urban center Fujitsu laptop product Company restricted, a manufacturer of printer production and listed within the National SME Share Transfer System in 2016. Nikoyo has additionally been a distributor of world-renowned magnetic disc brands like West Digital, Toshiba, and high-speed optical device printers of Ricoh.

The Nimble resolution uses inline compression with variable block sizes for one of the foremost economical flash storage solutions accessible to businesses in the city. It leads to half-hour seventieth less flash and capability resources used, making a far less expensive, compact resolution.

With a dynamic caching strategy inside the CASL classification system, hot knowledge is dynamically held on in flash.

Their services

With the multiple branches across China and the city. They tend to are well-equipped to serve their purchasers with solutions like HPE synergy action and Nimble Storage in the city. You have any inquiries; you will get in grips together with your native branch through phone.

Or else, you will additionally fill in an internet inquiry kind. Their representatives of cyber security Hong Kong can attend to your question as shortly as doable.

Nikoyo Ltd started in the city in 1985, is an IT integrated resolution and skilled service supplier with business domains in image capture, electronic content management, knowledge storage backup, application software system development, data security, mobile computing, cloud computing, and large knowledge.