Why should you hire a tutor

There are many advantages of hiring a tutor. Let’s see together the 4 advantages brought by an online tutor in the student’s study path.


The university world is an immense world and each university has offices and highly trained professionals to follow the various aspects: teachers, technicians, communication offices and secretariats a level h2 physics tuition.

It is a waste of time for the student to be bounced from one referent to another before finding out what the right contact and timing is.


Each student thinks they know how to best design their own study, but they do it without knowing what they will have to face.

The tutor, thanks to the preparation and direct experience, is able to carry out an ad hoc planning for each one. This is possible knowing both the prerequisites and the commitment to devote to each path. All adapted to personal needs, to allow the student to be really effective.


University is a path and as such it has its difficulties.

What could be an obstacle for a student (from the platform not responding to a grade that does not appear to be recorded) is part of the tutor’s ordinary experience.

Sometimes a comparison is enough and the student overcomes the problem in a simple and effective way. With a quick explanation, he becomes aware of the mechanisms and activities that underlie university dynamics.


The student is not always aware of the possibilities offered by eCampus. These take the form of: laboratory sessions, in-depth didactic activities, university library, didactic supports, discussions with teachers, webinars and much more.