When and How to Harvest Potatoes Properly!

Potatoes are prepared to harvest well after the plants have bloomed and they are becoming brown (vanishing). You can harvest the potatoes sooner than this yet the potatoes will be not be completely developed (a few group like to harvest potatoes ahead of schedule to get more modest fingerling potatoes). I like to utilize the procedure of harvesting my first yield of potatoes a little early so I have the opportunity to get a second planting of them in that season.

Harvest potatoes

What kind of hardware is ideal to harvest potatoes? I for one really like to utilize a short dealt with 4 prong (wide prong) pitchfork. Many individuals like to utilize scoops which turn out great.

  • Spot your cutting edge/end of, two or three creeps from the edge of the mounded line (potatoes are best filled in raised beds or mounded columns) and delve into the dirt at a lofty/practically vertical point then, at that point recline on your burrowing instrument. This activity ought to uncover the potatoes without harming a considerable lot of them. When to harvest potatoes? On the off chance that you delve straight into the mounded column or at a more flat point into the line, you will probably cut into the potatoes. Rehash this progression however many occasions as important until you are certain you have every one of the potatoes. You can likewise get the potato plant whenever you have released the dirt and haul that out of the ground, give it a shake to dispose of the soil and uncover the potatoes.
  • Just uncover the potatoes that you need to eat in the several days. Potatoes will remain new underground for a really long time, so you can harvest them as you use them.

After the potatoes break the outside of the potato bed, slowly structure up a low edge of free soil by development and digging toward the plants. This edge, might become 5 to 7 inches high by summer, limits the quantity of burned from the sun tubers. The object of potato development is to eliminate rivalry from weeds, to release and circulate air through the dirt. Distorted potatoes create in hard, minimized soil. Utilize fragile consideration when digging close to potato plants basically in light of the fact that creating tubers are effectively cut and destroyed.

Inundate to guarantee uniform dampness while the tubers are as yet creating. A uniform dampness supply additionally works on the ground by culling and kill handles brought about by auxiliary development.

Harvesting and putting away your potatoes

Harvest potatoes after the a large portion of the plants have shriveled. Handle as cautiously as conceivable during harvest in light of the fact that the tubers foster 4 to 7 crawls underneath the ground surface, a little digging tool or spading fork is a suggested device for burrowing potatoes.