Properties of Red Light Therapy Tanning Booths

The indoor tanning industry is quickly adapting to the new norm of a drop in regular UV tanners. Thankfully some of the lost revenue has been replaced with the rise in earnings from sunless tanning equipment and red light treatment tanning beds. Most salons are offering the new kind of treatment on a monthly EFT program for between 59 and 89 per month. Thankfully the expense of adding these new beds and stalls is not detrimental. On the low end they cost 12,995 going up to as large as 18,995. Because the business is relatively new it is difficult to differentiate between the various offerings.  It misadvised to purchase from an already established tanning equipment maker since they have years of experience and experience they are more likely to make a successful unit.

red light therapy

Researching and developing a brand new design can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and start-up businesses are usually ill prepared to cover this. Simply replacing the lamps in an existing piece of gear with red light lamps are not going to have the identical effect. These red light therapy machines were not designed for this purpose and are not going to create the essential spectrum of light to work. Although this method might look like a cheap short cut it will likely cause you much grief later as your clients would not find any results and feel as if you have cheated them out of the cash. Not only will you lose them as a client, but odds are they will tell all their friends about what happened and allow you to lose potential customers.

The achievement of red light treatment all depends on the frequency It Is used.  It is necessary to educate new clients on the number of sessions required so that they are well aware that they need to actively use the red light tanning booth or bed so as to really get results. Most manufacturers have been recommended three sessions per week for 12 weeks followed by a minimum of 2 sessions per week after that. Based on the piece of gear a normal session lasts between 15-20 minutes. The stalls are intended strictly to rebuild collagen and eliminate fine Lines and wrinkles or give any UV light so that your clients would not burn or tan when undergoing the treatment.  It is still possible to use the usual UV tanning booth while using the collagen rejuvenation systems, but sunless tanning may tend to decrease the results. New lotions have started to be introduced into the market that is supposed to help increase the efficacy of the red light lamps.