The additive manufacturing or 3D printing process explains the production of a 3d model or an object. This process can be man-made, where different handmade molds are used to create a 3D item, and machines or industry-made, where everything or every process is conducted with a computer’s help. For the first time, an additive was manufactured in 1980s Japan. In this article, we will be discussing the additive manufacturing singapore.

Manufacturing of additives-

  1. Creation of a 3D model- the first step in producing a 3D model is to create a CAD model or Computer-Assisted Design.
  2. STL Format- an STL format is when a model is transformed into a triangulated representation in the computer.
  3. The construction process- the three-dimensional mode is later divided into different layers by slicing the model on the computer. This is done to add some supporting structures to the model. The production is done with specific software through the use of a printer.
  4. The raw material- after the model is received and verified and a clearance and explicit check of the certificates determining the material used for the process, the raw material is allowed to get loaded.
  5. Prepare the printer- the printer should be cleaned after each production to remove the residue of the previous production. Each product made requires a different setup, calibration, and configuration.
  6. Manufacturing- the model is created by adding layer after layer through microscopic production.
  7. Success check- after the production is completed, a success check is done on the model’s weight, dimension, defect tests, fall test, etc.


To conclude, this production is done mainly in high industries in Singapore.